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Reflections on premiering a new work

On February 18, 2024, I had the privilege of giving the premiere performance of Jack Parton's Sonata for Flute and Piano.  The idea of giving a work its first public performance was extremely exciting.  At the same time, the responsibility…

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Working hard together

Jack Parton and I have been working hard putting together our performance of his flute sonata.  I hope to see you all there Sunday!

Recital week is here!

Jack Parton arrived on Saturday, and we've begun collaborating on his piece for Sunday's recital.  It's a joy to work with a living composer.  You get insight into the piece you're interpreting.  It's extremely fulfilling to watch his face light…

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I recently visited with composer Jack Parton.  We worked together on his flute sonata in preparation for my upcoming recital.  It was a great weekend to collaborate.  My friend Nick came to join us, and we had some fun playing…

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James Predovich, Harpist

I study harp with James, though I'm not very advanced.  In all actuality, I've put my harp study on hold while I prepare for this recital.  However, I'm excited to be collaborating with James on my recital. Will be we…

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Doing the work

I've been continuing to prepare the music for my upcoming recital.  Deciding to do the recital has given my practice focus it hasn't had in a long time.  This is the program as it stands today:

  • Bach Sonata No. 2…
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Stepping up to principal

I'll be playing principal flute for this upcoming concert with the Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra.  I've been playing 3rd flute and piccolo for several seasons.  With the unfortunately passing of Sarah Luckay, I'll will stepping in on principal.  I'm excited to…

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Building a website

The barter system is great.  I'm helping Lisa Jelle with her personal website in return for flute lessons.  I decided to create my own site while I was at it, and here it is.  Check this site out to keep…

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